Founded in 1974,
China Glaze Group, uphold the "quality first as the goal, customer satisfaction oriented, backed by product innovation" philosophy, professional R & D in the materials industry, manufacturing, sales, and now ranks of Asia's largest professional production glaze plants, and led the market to promote innovation and progress in the ceramic industry, towards the throne of the world, the Chinese ceramic industry for me bursting out grace in Vision and glory. China to glaze a pride of Chinese people.
『Integrity, excellence, innovation and sharing』 integrity: acting decent, honest to others, to keep its promise. Excellence: self-transcendence, the courage to accept new challenges, and continuously improve the quality and performance excellence, winning customer confidence. Innovation: the pursuit of comprehensive coverage of all aspects of technology and management innovations, in order to ensure the vitality of enterprises, the more favorable competitive advantage. Sharing: A total body difficulties, sharing of results, feedback employees, customers, shareholders and society.
 China Glaze Vision Group
China Glaze Group are committed to forcus on Asia and gradually expand to the world market . Based on the ceramic material technology and devote ourselves on the research, productiom and marketing to become the excellent material science technology company which will contribute to the human being.

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